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                WAM Shanghai


                事件 2019
                五月 18 - 20.2019
                WAM Shanghai
                Wuhan, China
                Hall A4 - Stand A026, A023
                China Animal Husbandry Expo will highlight areas like domestic and foreign breeding of livestock and poultry, commercial livestock and poultry farming, animal husbandry production and breeding related machinery, equipment, quality animal products, and much more. In CAHE, the exhibition scope covers the whole livestock chain from farm to table, including animal breeding (pig, poultry, cattle, sheep and goat, rabbit, deer, camel, fur-bearing animal, specials and etc.), animal health, animal housing, feed and feed additives, feed processing, grain & raw material, processing equipment, meat processing, packaging, refrigeration, meat products, egg products, grass and seed, media, knowledge transfer, consultancy, bio-energy and etc.

                CAHE-China Animal Husbandry Expo
                七月 12 - 14.2019
                CHINA DAIRY EXPO 19 | 
                CHINA DAIRY EXPO 19
                WAM Shanghai
                Tianjin, China
                Hall N6 Stand 631
                The China Dairy Exhibition is the most influential dairy event in China. Last year, CDE attracted 60.000 visitors and hosted over 500 exhibitors. Part of the exhibition are several technical seminars. Nedap China will be attending the exhibition with a booth, showcasing smart and proven solutions for individual dairy cow monitoring and management.

                DAC 19
                七月 17 - 19.2019
                DFA-Dyeing & Finishing Machinery | 
                DFA-Dyeing & Finishing Machinery
                WAM Shanghai
                Shanghai, China
                China's largest printing and dyeing industry new media platform, which takes innovation to the extreme and focus on the display of advanced printing and dyeing and related manufacturing technology and products. This exhibition is the largest one in the industry, providing high level of service, highlighting the brands and gathering high-quality products. DFA 2019 is an industry event for the buyers including printing and dyeing enterprises, chemicals, dyeing and finishing equipment, environmental protection, etc. The Expo aims at solving the problems of dyeing auxiliaries, dyeing and finishing equipment, environmental protection, energy saving and emission reduction.

                DFA 2019
                十月 16 - 18.2019
                IPB 2019 | 
                IPB 2019
                WAM Shanghai
                Shanghai, China
                Hall 4 Stand 7026
                The 15th edition of International Powder & Bulk Solids Processing Conference & Exhibition (IPB) 2017, from 16 to 18 October 2017, took place at Shanghai World Expo Exhibition Convention Center (SWEECC). As China's leading "one-stop-shop" exhibition for powder and bulk solids, IPB focuses on the whole processing of particle, powder and bulk solids which are required for the production of chemical, pharmaceutical, food & feed, energy, ceramic & glass, pit & quarry, metallurgy, paper & trees, tobacco, and other relative industries. With the strong supports by POWTECH family and with joint efforts of NürnbergMesse China Co., Ltd and Chinese Society of Particuology, IPB is eager to strive for progress, has already became a professional international trade fair in the whole fields of powder, granule and bulk solids technology in China. IPB provides you with the perfect opportunity to face first–hand information of advanced powder technologies. 200 exhibitors from 15 countries and regions with exhibition space 7,500 sqm will bring their latest products and technologies to IPB 2018, ranging from basic powder and bulk solids processing, conveying to particle analysis and characterization etc.. No matter you are coming from chemical or pharmaceutical industry, you will find a best solution for your production.

                Ipb 19
                十月 26 - 27.2019

                YANCHENG , China

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